I build Beautiful and thoughtful websites on a budget


Strategically and thoughtfully designed so that you can book more clients, sell more; grow your business faster.

The biggest challenge most small businesses face is establishing themselves as experts and price.

Nowadays, it’s a given that your website must look good but it should be functional and easy to use.

Websites are so much more than just pretty shop windows.

Websites must be deeply integrated with email marketing and social media tools. Otherwise, you’re missing out on inquiries that should convert, without your lifting a finger.

We are the best to build your website

And we don’t stop at websites. We understand the buyer journey from inquiry to buying, which touch-points make you the low-risk option, and which elements display the “wow” factor to potential clients. Plus, we understand your workflow inside out, including how everything fits together and whenever necessary go out of the way to help you put together your content in professional words.

The way we design websites, you don’t need your website to be hard to edit or update. We want to take away your website pain (and shame) and give you a strategically, thoughtfully designed website that works for – and not against – you.

We are the best to build your website

Set yourself apart and own your web

Because that's what we do best

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Work Process

What if I told you that I can give you your website in 2 weeks. Yes that’s a promise which I will keep.
Let’s see what is my process.

Detailed discussion

We talk about your goals, both short- and long-term. There are no lengthy questionnaires I promise. Together, we will uncover your website roadblocks and your ideal client. We’ll identify the right online tools for you to use and we’ll set a date for the build as well as give you some (fun) homework to do.

Design begins

Design inspiration is fun and we all love it. That's why together we will look at your designs, colors, websites that inspire you etc, because its your brainchild and you know the best. This essential work will help radiate your branding and messaging. Don't worry, our creative process is tried and tested.

Initial design

We work together to arrange your content like texts, images in logical coherent format. We set up your domain and hosting and choose an appropriate theme for your design. We make a first mockup of the home page and couple of more pages to see how it looks and make some essential changes in overall style.


Tada...... Your site will be ready to launch in 2 weeks time. Not only do you get your site, but we make sure it’s secure, safely backed up, connected to your other online tools, and indexed by Google. Then we tell the world! You’ll get your shiny new website and some beautiful graphics to show it off and create excitement.


A basic training is essential to be able to manage your website independently. You’ll receive live training during the build and at handover. We also have a set of training videos to which you’ll always have access. If you need to jog your memory about how to do something, we’ll have a bite-sized video to help you. We are with you.

Ongoing support

Our work does not stop at just handing over the site. We are here to help you as and when needed so that you can excel in what you do. If you need some extra help like preparing a launch, newsletters etc we are here, just book a few hours with us and we will make sure that tech is never a problem for you. We got your back.

What does it cost

We know that you are starting out so money is crucial. We can work with you, whatever your budget.

Our rate is 250Euros per half-day. We can let you know what we can achieve for the budget you have.

Because talking about money is #awkward, right? This way, you know where you stand.

No matter what can afford, we can tailor a solution to suit your pocket and the stage of your business. Here are our most popular options.

Do with me

250 onwards
  • A half-day process, perfect for those on a tight budget.
  • We save ourselves time and we save you money by starting with a strategic and thoughtfully designed template as a base. We set things up so that you’re able to immediately add images and text. Then we check it over before you go live.
  • We install the template. Add the pages you need. Add your logo, fonts, and brand colours. Train you and give you access to our training videos. We make sure you follow along and help whenever needed.

Partly done

500 onwards
  • A minimum full-day process. A good fit for someone who wants a custom feel but is happy to start with a strategic and thoughtfully designed template which we’ll help you tweak so that it looks and feels unique.
  • Usually, we build a completely customised home page and then drop in a template for the inner pages. We apply your brand styling throughout and you decide how much of the content inputting you want to do (which is how we work out what to charge you).
  • We build a custom home page. We install the template. Add the pages you need. Style the inner pages with your fonts and brand colours. Migrate your new site to live. Train you and give you access to our training videos.


1000 onwards
  • A completely custom process – We build your website from scratch and is completely bespoke. We’ll talk about your business goals, work out the tools you’re going to need, and put together a detailed proposal for you. Then we create something completely unique and utterly compelling – a website that converts more clients. We’ll show you how to use it and make sure it helps you grow.
  • We maintain the website for 3 months and even help you with content like planning and writing the blog, help with social media, newsletters, campaings, launches etc.

Benefits of bespoke website


What My Clients Say

I had been working on my website for about 18 months but I just couldn’t get it to the point where I felt I could go live with it. Sumao helped me to tie up some loose ends and gave me some advice on how to make it more attractive to clients. She also taught me some basic coding so I can make some changes in the future and gave me the confidence to launch my website. Thank you Sumao!​

Lola Brockesby

Sumao helped me greatly with my travel blog!! she chose a much nicer theme and made some very good suggestions. Her guidance has been very valuable and set me on the right track to finally get my blog finalized. She was patient and her expert advice has been very appreciated. Thanks Sumao!!

Maria Benz

Due to my limited time and knowledge I needed help with upgrades and to set them up on my website as well as consultancy on mailchimp. Sumao was so helpful, flexible and kind to help me with my questions, she gave me additional tips and explained where I could optimize my resources. It is always nice to collaborate with people such as Sumao.

Zuzana Schwalb


Whatever your budget, we can help you by tailoring what we offer to suit you. Everyone’s happy! If we sound like your cup of tea/coffee, let’s get started.