What My Clients Say


I am very happy with the work done by Sumao. The website that she has designed for my creative workshop meets 100% of my expectations. She is very communicative and from the first moment offers a close and pleasant treatment. After knowing in depth my needs, Sumao has recommended the best personalized options for structure, attractive design and functionality on the web. I regret having wasted a lot of my time trying to develop my website alone and trusting free options that in the end have not worked for me. Sumao keeps helping me and I am very happy.
I had been working on my website for about 18 months but I just couldn't get it to the point where I felt I could go live with it. Sumao helped me to tie up some loose ends and gave me some advice on how to make it more attractive to clients. She also taught me some basic coding so I can make some changes in the future and gave me the confidence to launch my website. Thank you Sumao!
Sumao helped me greatly with my travel blog!! she chose a much nicer theme and made some very good suggestions. Her guidance has been very valuable and set me on the right track to finally get my blog finalized. She was patient and her expert advice has been very appreciated. Thanks Sumao!!
Maria Benz Travel blogger
Due to my limited time and knowledge I needed help with upgrades and to set them up on my website as well as consultancy on mailchip. Sumao was so helpful, flexible and kind to help me with my questions, she gave me additional tips and explained where I could optimize my resources. It is always nice to collaborate with people such as Sumao.
I called on Sumao to help me finalize my website. I needed help getting it tidied up and trimming the edges. She was great and it was easy to communicate to her what I needed, which she carried out efficiently and professionally.
Mickey Baliakas, Yoga teacher
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